General Aspects

For the modules Career Counseling, Career Coaching and Executive Coaching, I prepare a personalized intervention plan for each person, taking each one’s needs and uniqueness into account.

My role, as a Counselor/Coach is to accompany you in your journey to discover your own values and authenticity, and to put your experience to good use. 

My resources:

  • Good knowledge of the working environment in various sectors, as well as knowledge of organizational structures and managerial approaches (FMCG, Pharma, Constructions, Renewable Energy, Industry, Retail, Services, Big 4, BPO etc), both in international companies and local companies. Extensive expertise in working with different typologies of persons and companies
  • Managerial experience in Executive Search, consisting of middle-management & top management recruitment for multinational companies
  • Training in France and Romania: Competence-based interview (CBI), Business Strategies, Sales Strategies.

Career Counseling & Coaching are aimed at people who:

  • Are in a period of transition or facing dismissal
  • Want a career change for various reasons: their current job no longer satisfies them, professionally or financially
  • Their current profession does not represent them, is not what they want
  • Want to learn how to better present themselves and showcase their experience and skills
  • Want to develop themselves professionally, regardless of their current level (entry level, middle-management, top management, entrepreneurs)
  • Want to know effective tools for identifying new opportunities
  • Want to balance the Professional/Personal relation: identifying optimization strategies and/or solving conflicts between career and personal life
  • Want to solve conflict situations in their professional environment

For your work to bring you satisfaction, it is recommended that this or the environment in which you work should be compatible with your values.

This is why Career Counseling is focused on taking advantage of each person’s potential and experience and on identifying new professional opportunities.

The working method is interactive and includes:

  • Evaluating skills
  • Identifying opportunities
  • Preparing for interviews
  • Optimizing skills and enhancing the strengths
  • Negotiating the salary package
  • Support in identifying the most appropriate methods to approach prospective employers
  • Creating a personal brand
  • Recommendations regarding the salary package in Romania and abroad etc.       

The working plan is personalized after the evaluation session, according to the needs of each person. The Career Counseling Module is structured over a maximum of 10-12 sessions, or per subject.

There are situations when certain persons wish to optimize their negotiating skills or want to know the resources available to identify another job.

Others want to optimize their resume or prepare for interviews. In such cases, sessions can be as few as 2-4.

It’s aimed at those who want to approach career change from a wider perspective and those who want to explore certain subjects thoroughly. The personalized working plan will include an evaluation of the current situation, exploring and evaluating skills, identifying opportunities. The difference with Career Counseling is given by the depth of the intervention.

We can agree to work on optimizing certain skills, and this involves more sessions allocated to skills. Or we could decide to work on analyzing certain professional obstacles that are preventing you from going further.

This is why the Career Coaching module is structured over at least 14 sessions. It is designed for middle management and specialists in various fields pursuing a long-term career plan and well-defined and documented career changes.

The Executive Coaching module is aimed at Managers and Entrepreneurs. It focuses on exploring certain specific areas requiring an external and objective approach. As a coach, I focus on the aspects you would like to improve and bring the ones that are not as obvious, to the forefront.

I contribute with information regarding the business environment, information to assist you in getting the greater picture.

I focus on clarifying objectives and putting together a specific action plan. We can go into subjects such as optimizing leadership skills or involving entrepreneurship and the start-up period.

I accompany you in your endeavor to align your personal goals with those of your corporation or in transition from the current position to your own company.