Evolutio covers three main areas, with all services provided either in Romanian, English or French:

Why Evolutio? Because it is development and transformation at the same time.  Because it is a change of position, a strategic regroupment for everyone, both personally and professionally.

Evolutio because each of us accumulates experiences, feelings, joys, disappointments, achievements and defeats, a kaleidoscope of expression that may lead to radical changes, to R-Evolution.

Because Revolution is the stage of development in which deep transformations occur.

  • If you want to start a R-Evolution professionally, I can accompany you through dedicate modules for: Career Counseling, Career & Executive Coaching
  • If you want to R-Evolutionize your personal life and know yourself better, I invite you to explore your universe together, in special psychotherapy sessions dedicated to Personal development
  • If life decided to do its own R-Evolution with you and you feel you are no longer in control of your time, that you no longer have time, that stress and pressure are getting worse, that you are sad, unsatisfied with your life, that you have difficulties in your professional environment, in the couple and family, that deadlines are harder and harder to keep, let’s talk about all of that in Psychotherapy sessions


If you come from a foreign country and you want to adjust better, let’s talk about everything that this change involves in Intercultural Counseling sessions